Monday, August 21, 2006

Books that are sure to keep you glued to its pages ...

Hindustan Times
(November 14, 2005)

Mid-November is that time of the year when publishers turn to the small fry and, sure enough, mouth-watering books for youngsters are on offer again this Children's Day.

Katha issued Surangini by Partap Sharma.

In Surangini, the daughter of a village zamindar is coveted by Kalu, a poor weaver. How he weaves his love for her makes up this charming tale.

"The main objective," says Katha, "is to enhance the pleasures of reading for children and help break down gender, cultural and social stereotypes."

The Hindu
( June 9, 2006)

Surangani, the zamindar's daughter, and Kalu, a poor weaver, are in love. But is their love to be? Pratap Sharma narrates this story of love and friendship, of trust and betrayal, in simple language. A tale of struggle and conquest never fails to enthral readers and here too we have the eternal love story with all its complications and the struggle to overcome them. A magic carpet, a story within a story, an enigmatic puzzle takes place before the story ends happily ever after, but with a strange twist. The beauty of the story is further enhanced by the illustrations by Vandana Bist.

Publishers: Katha.
Price: Rs. 120.


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