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(Young World, The Hindu, April 21st, 2006)
All she wanted was a hill myna. She never thought of the trouble it would cause. A translation from the original Urdu.
A heart-warming tale of a father's love for his motherless daughter, The Myna from the Peacock Garden begins Katha's series of translations for young readers.
The tale is simple: Kale Khan works in Nawab Wajid Ali Shah's Peacock Garden. And his daughter wants a hill myna for a pet. Unable to afford such an expensive pet, he takes one from the nawab's collection reasoning that with 40 mynas flitting around the cage no one would take an exact count. The rest of the story concerns Kale Khan's attempts to ensure that no one figures out what he's done and to keep the smile on his daughter's face.

Sagaree Sengupta's translation carries the reader along into a different world. You can almost see the events unfolding before you as Kale Khan gets caught, but is pardoned by the emperor. He even gets the myna that he stole. But now the British Resident wants that myna.

The original Urdu story was by Naiyer Masud. While the cover mentions Naiyer Masud and art by Premola Ghose, there is no mention of the translator.

- R. Krithika.
The New Indian Express
(School Magazine, March 22, 2006)
Falak Ara is a mynah. A hill mynah that is capable of speaking and imitating any voice. Among the 40 mynahs housed in the majestic cage in the Royal Peacock Garden, Kale Khan, the caretaker of the birds, steals Falak Ara for his little girl who is motherless and has been pestering him for a hill mynah.

The story is set during the reign of Sultan Wajid Ali Shah in Lucknow. Kale Khan's daughter, who is also named Falak Ara, takes instant liking for the mynah. But her joy is short-lived. The king arrives in the garden one day and asks, "I don't see Falak Ara today." Nabi Baksh, the minister, tries to pacify the King. But Kale Khan is exasperated. He rushes home and manages to convince his daughter that the mynah needs to be taken to the hospital as 'she is in a bad shape'.

The birds are the centre of attraction at the garden as they enthrall the royal guests with their songs. But it's Falak Ara which is the cynosure of all eyes when it starts singing. Kale Khan can't believe it. will Kale Khan get a royal pardon. Read the book to find out more about Falak Ara and her mynah.

The story, originally writeen in Urdu, is a fine work of translation. Apart from written in a simple language, there are pictorial illustrations, bringing the story and the ancient age come alive. the innocence of childhood and the seriousness of theft as an offence are interwoven well to bring out a delightful tale. A recommend purchase for all who simply love good stories.
- Amy Vigel Raj
About the author
Naiyer Masud
About the illustrator
Premila Ghose

: Katha
Series: Pocket Plus
Age Group: 10 + years
ISBN 81-89020-45-5
Price: Rs 95

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