Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Queen from the Sky ...

The Sky Queen

The clouds form her silken white robes. Her sweat and tears are running water and rain. Her voice rings out in the sweet songs of the birds and humming insects. She is Nyanyi Myete of the lovely, ever changing natural world, the glorious celestial aunt of the Kojum-Koja.

The New Indian Express
(School Magazine, July 12, 2006)

What strikes us most about Mamang Dai's The Sky Queen is its bright colour illustrations that are sprawled across the 30 odd pages of the book.

The author weaves out a fairytale, about a civilisation called Kojum-Koja, and how on the occasion of the Pime, tragedy befell them. The land of the Kojum-Koja is devastated by floods and gales, and is wiped off from the face of the Earth.

The second part of the book witnesses the rise of Nyanyi Myete, the lady of the Kojum family out of the ruins. With her sweet songs and music, she once again breathes life into the world.

The illustrations in the book are done in bright colours, mainly bold pastels. The gaiety and festivity held during the course of the story, are well depicted through the illustrations, along with the costumes and jewellery of the north east Indian community.

Mamang spins an adorable folk tale around the bounty of nature, and paints a pretty picture through her pen, of tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

- Sujata Chakrabarti

About the author

Mamang Dai

About the illustrator


Publishers: Katha
Age Group : 5 - 8 Years
32 pages, size 8.25 x 6
ISBN 81-89020-32-3
Price: Rs 75


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