Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Survivors

Shortlisted for the Hutch Crossword award 2005: Indian Language Translation

The Survivors explores the collapse of kinship culture under the corrosive influence of modernization. It moves back and forth in time to reveal how neocolonial practices in India have surreptitiously replaced the colonial system, thus making the oppression of the common man a seamless continuity. It suggests that only personal revolt, stemming from an awareness about the need for a social upheaval, will help us reach that little place on earth where humanity survives all outrage.
(March 20, 2005)

"...Gurdial Singh’s work has been translated well by Rana Nayar, who has earlier translated two novels and a collection of short stores by the same author. He has made this book available to a far wider audience than the Punjabi original could have reached out to. This endeavour is both worthwhile and appreciable. The book also has a list of Gurdial Singh’s works and awards.

In the introduction Rana Nayar gives an overview of the Punjabi language, literary tradition and novel as well as the author and his writing. This is instructive ... in the ... well-produced book with an excellent cover, which has a painting by Manjit Bawa."

“Gurdial Singh has been seen as an autodidact ... a villager who knows his roots and who voices the anguish of the marginalized.”
– Jasbir Jain's Review

The author

The translator

Publisher: Katha
Cover Painting: Ranjit Bawa
Price: Rs 250
ISBN: 81-89020-24-2


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